Alastair. Demon. Head torturer of Hell.
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In the Pit || Shiloh & Alastair


Don’t worry. Right. He had been worrying as soon as he woke up in what had to be some part of Hell. Not many other places could be as dark and foreboding, and yet, a small part of him felt somewhat at home here, almost comfortable. It was an unnerving feeling for the rest of him, and he pushed it to the back of his mind when he followed the other’s gaze. The sight of the tools made a shiver prickle down his spine.

"And what class is this exactly?" he asked, eyeing the scalpel in his "teacher’s" hand. He couldn’t help but speak the first thing that popped into his mind. "This probably won’t be fun." Shiloh gave each of the restraints a tug, hoping against the odds that he would somehow be released. All he got was a mild sting in his wrists and ankles, and the fang-shaped pendant around his neck slid down to nearly fall from his chest and dangle limply. Blue-grey eyes turned to look at the demon before him. It had to be a demon. "Who are you?"

The demon sighed, shaking his head. “Ah, of course. Forgive my rudeness, I should have introduced myself.” Names weren’t so important in Hell, especially not for those on the rack. Eventually most of them forgot their names until they were given a new one. “I’m Alastair. Welcome to…” he let the word hang, a smirk spreading across his face. “Anatomy class.”

He turned his attention back to the scalpel, twirling it playfully in his hand. Unlike other demons, Alastair liked using tools instead of his bare hands or demonic powers. It made the sessions more… intense, and more intimate. And he always liked to handle his canvases with care. “The human body is a really interesting thing. Did you know there’s approximately 5,6 liters of blood is inside you?” he asked, pressing the scalpel against the other’s stomach. “Let’s see how much you can spill, shall we?”

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Church: Alastair|Ruby



His smile drops at her question and he hangs his head. He was taught to believe that there are no such things as emotions for a demon, and always made sure not to express such things, or even think of them. But at this point he’s not so sure what to believe in anymore. He rebelled against Lilith, for her. “No, i’m not. Not anymore.”

“Do you still want me master?” She asks softly, biting down on her lip. “I promise I will be good. I j-just want to stay with you.” Her hand flies down to her stomach, stroking it softly.

He narrows his eyes with a frown and sighs. It would be too late to get rid of her now, and in all honesty he doesn’t want to. He grew to appreciate her company, even if sometimes he gets bored of her, but it’s still better than nothing. “You can stay.”

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In the Pit || Shiloh & Alastair


The movement off to one side instantly caught his attention, and Shiloh’s eyes darted over to watch the man step into his line of vision. Before the stranger even spoke, he was nervous about him. The confidence in his step came naturally, as though he were used to being top dog around here, or pretty close to it, and that smirk on his face was as sadistic as anything the young hunter had ever seen.

Keeping his gaze locked on the other, he spoke with as much casual tone as he could bring himself to. It seemed like a bad time to show any weakness, not that being restrained as he was showed the ability to defend. “I’m not sure what being the ‘subject’ means, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like the sound of it.”

They were always so adorable when they were confused, and Shiloh wasn’t an exception. He will have fun with this one, Alastair was sure of it. “Don’t you worry, my boy,” the demon sneered, glancing at his table that his tools were placed on as he spoke, “You will learn soon enough.”

The demon walked over to the table, picking up his favorite scalpel. “That’s what I’m here for. To make sure you’ll enjoy the class.” In time he will, anyway. The ones that had spark in them - they always did. It’s just a matter of time to see if Shiloh was one of those.

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This Evil, It Knows Me \ Dean & Alastair


Purgatory was dark. It was dark and nothing about it seemed certain. It seemed like the terrain was always changing. One moment, a tree would be beside you, but take your eyes off of the bark for just a second and when you looked back, it was gone. One was never sure where they were going to find themselves or what they’d run into. Everything else seemed just as lost as the hunter was.

It was beginning to grate on Dean. He had been stuck there for what felt like an eternity. He had to keep a hand on Castiel lest he lose him forever. The constant hand-holding was annoying. He hated it.

But he should’ve dealt with it. Now, he was lost. Castiel was missing after had fallen asleep for only a moment. He woke up, alone and in an unrecognizable place. He stood and started yelling out the angel’s name. He knew he’d draw the attention of whatever was around him, but he didn’t care. He needed to find the angel. He closed his eyes and prayed to him. It had worked once before in Purgatory, but he found himself still alone as he stumbled through the woods.

When you’re destined to spend the rest of eternity in a place like this, you pick up some new tricks. Purgatory was nothing like Hell, apart from the darkness. It was cold, a never ending forest that just never stayed the same. Not to mention the creatures that saw their next meal in you. But Alastair didn’t have his reputation for nothing, and that didn’t change in Purgatory either. It took a while to get used to how to slay monsters, but he managed.

But this, now this was something he never expected. The sound of the familiar voice instantly caught his attention and he instinctively followed it, only to put the face to the voice. Dean Winchester. Non other than his former protegé right here, in Purgatory. Well that was a new one.

The demon approached him from behind, slowly walking toward him and grinned to himself when he saw that Dean was praying. It was quite ironic, since from their time together in Hell Alastair knew Dean wasn’t the praying type.

"Tsk tsk, Deano, you will wake the neighbors."

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She nodded at his statement about keeping her power to herself. “I will keep my power from you as long as you keep your word. No harm shall come to me and no harm shall come to you.” There was nothing better than staying alive and Rosey definitively wanted to stay alive. She wasn’t keen on dying anytime soon. 

She shrugged, “Most Angels haven’t fallen for something they believed in.” She wasn’t going to go through how she feel or what she’d done to cause such a thing. Shaking her head, she tried to push the dark thoughts away. That was not a trip down ‘memory lane’ she wanted to have right now. 

He turned away from her for a moment and rolled his eyes slightly at that, amused by the fact that she really believed that she could actually do anything to harm him. Angels seem to lose some of their power once they fall, or at least most of them anyway. The only angel that never lost any of it was Lucifer. Then again, he was a special case. Alastair swallowed to keep a laugh escaping him at even the thought of comparing an insignificant little cherub to his Father. He turned back to face her, “My word is my bond.”

Her last comment intrigued him. “What was that that you believed in, if you don’t mind me asking?”

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